Dino's Donuts

Dino's Donuts Serves the Freshest & Fluffiest Homemade Donuts in All of Anchorage

Dino's Donuts Serves the Freshest and Fluffiest Donuts in All of Anchorage

Give us a Call at 562-3466
Complaint or Comment email us at msdino23@gmail.com
929 E 81st Avenue #1, Anchorage, Alaska 99518

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Raised, Cake, & Filled Donuts Listed are included in the general pricing for a dozen donuts.
*Fancy Donuts are individually priced and not included in the Dino's Dozen.*



Raised Donuts $1.30 each
Glazed Raised
Chocolate Frosted
Maple Frosted
Sugar Raised
Vanilla Frosted
Blueberry Frosted
Orange Frosted
Maple with Peanuts
Dino Bones Glazed
Mini Apple Fritters
Cherry Frosted
Chocolate with Peanuts
Oreo Topping
Bacon Maple Topped
Cream Cheese Topped
Candy Sprinkles
Mini Cinnamon Rolls
Mini Cinnamon Twists

Cake Donuts $1.30 each
Blueberry Cake
Banana Cake
Crumb Cake
Glazed Old Fashioned
Chocolate Old Fashioned
Devils Food Cake
Chocolate Devils Food
Coconut Cake
Cherry Cake
Chocolate Frosted
Plain Cake
German Chocolate Cake
Buttermilk Bars
Peanut Butter Devils Food
Oreo Topped Cake
Red Velvet Cake
dinobone cinnamontwist

Filled Donuts $1.30 each
Raspberry Filled
Bavarian Creme Filled
Apple Filled
Lemon Filled
Vanilla Buttercream Filled
Chocolate Buttercream Filled
Raspberry Vanilla Buttercream
Peanut Butter & Jelly

Large Fancies $2.45 each
Apple Fritters
Maple Bars
Chocolate Bars
Cinnamon Twist
Cinnamon Rolls
Bavarian Creme Filled Bars $2.50
Pebbles (Donuts Holes)  5 for $1.00

* Fancies are individually priced
and not included in the

dozen donuts general pricing. *


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